How to use EZ-100 in your Auto Tanner!

Submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/4/06 at 10:41 PM. ( )

The reason for this Post is because sometimes we do things and take for granted that others do it the same way. However when a Supplier like myself writes instructions for their products use - it helps to make it "customer-proof"!

I want to thank Mike Downing of Lincoln City OR for his help on this one. He and I spent some time on the phone trying to solve his problems with adjusting his Alum crystal and EZ-100 combination formula to a 4.0 without creating a ton of foam. And in the end -Actually he resolved the problem on his own. Thanks Mike!

For everyone else - here's our "corrected" instructions. Please note the change we've made in Step 5.

Rittels Instructions for using EZ-100 in the Auto Tanner!

For those customers who want to use the Auto Tanner as a Crystal Pickle and EZ-100 tan in their Auto Tanner system - we recommend the following method be used. Please take note however, that you must oil the skin or cape after tanning using this system. Also - if your Auto Tanner has any exposed metal - the leather on your skins or capes may take on a pink to purple color.

Auto Tanner Combo Method - This is a combination pickle and tan using Taxidermy Art Supplies Tanning Crystals and Rittels EZ-100. It can be used on raw capes and skins using almost the same method that you now use using the Tanning crystals. The results greatly improves the skins or capes stretch, and reduces shrinkage.

1. Flesh the skin or cape
2. Mix 1 Gallon of Water (108 degrees F.) to 1 Lb. of Tanning
Crystals in the Auto Tanner
3. Run the skin or cape in the Auto Tanner for 2 hours.
4. Drain the skin or cape for 30 minutes - Shave it well!
5. To your Tanning Crystal solution - Adjust the PH level to a 4.0
PH using pre-dissolved Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda).
Then add 0.5 Ozs. EZ-100 (by weight)/Qt. of your original Crystal
solution. Always add the EZ-100 after adjusting the PH or you will
experience excessive foaming trying to adjust the Crystal/EZ-100
6. Place the skin or cape back into the Auto Tanner and tan for 2-
3 hours!
7. Rinse, Drain, Oil and Shave more if needed, prep and mount (or

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This response submitted by mike d on 3/5/06 at 9:34 AM. ( )

I want to tell you folks, here is a guy who understands customer service in regards to his products!
Thank you Bruce, for being willing to help sort this out; I have dealt with more than one person who would not have responded (repeatedly, I might add) to my questions and efforts to figure out why their product would not perform as advertised!
In the end, it was simply a typo!

The system works great now!

By the way; thanks to George for getting me to consider alternatives to a straight alum tan!
Stretch and suppleness are much better, and I am more confident on the lifespan of my mounts now!

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