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Submitted by ej on 3/8/06 at 9:54 AM. ( . )

can anyone tell me what the natural ph would be of a salted buffalo hide? if the salt is neutral at 7, what would the juices read that excrete?

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Natural pH of salted juices

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 3/8/06 at 10:39 AM. ( )

ej, the juices would read nothing, for two reasons, they never went to school and they are blind.

The nature of proteins is that they can take an acid form, a neutral form, and a base (alkaline) form.

If you are getting readings down around a pH of 6 you are probably getting the reading as a result of the D-isomer lactic acid, which could probably also be compounded with potentially nitric acid.

If you were to do glucometer readings and find mg/L of glucose low (below 60 mg/L), that would be the most likely as the blood sugar glucose has been basically "halved", and that is what is most likely to be producing the low end readings.

Decompositions caused by bacteria (acid being a by-product of bacterial action) can also produce low readings, and low glucometer readings, at this point microscopic exam would be called for to identify.

Living systems will have slightly + or - pH levels. I believe the circulatory system is 7.4 for normal function.

buffalo juices.

This response submitted by ej on 3/8/06 at 1:55 PM. ( . )

Glenn, thank you for the read out. those things sure are fun, [not] to wrestle with! now if i can just get some of that muscle salve that David Patton was talking about.
buffalo bill ej

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