tanneries for the part timers?

Submitted by Justin on 3/9/06 at 8:45 PM. ( )

I was wondering if there where any tanneries that tanned for the general public. I only mount a handful of pieces each year and was going to start sending furs out to be tanned to save me some time since I work shift work, but when looking on carolina furs website it states they only do wholesale tanning and do not do it for general public. That sucks because I only live about an hour from them and would be more than happy to give them my business, but I guess my money isn't good enough for their big-time operation. Any suggestions on another tannery on east coast that DOES want my money?:)

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east coast

This response submitted by rp on 3/9/06 at 8:55 PM. ( )

east coast tannery in pa


This response submitted by Greg Waite on 3/9/06 at 9:13 PM. ( )

call them and they will set up an account for you. Do you have a bus name? They are great to work with. They also have some employees that will turn everything, for a fee, if it will help. It's a seperate thing but ask about it.


This response submitted by proskinnertts on 3/9/06 at 9:16 PM. ( proskinnertts@aol.com )

If you only mount a handful of pieces a year, that would still qualify you as a "taxidermist". A lot of taxidermists are part timers anyways.


This response submitted by David Patton on 3/10/06 at 6:30 AM. ( )


I am located in Smithfield, NC. That is not too far from where you are. I would be happy to do your tanning for you. Call me at 919-606-4235. Lonestar Wool & Fur.
We take all customers, big and small and your money is perfectly fine with us!

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