Black coyote, tail question

Submitted by Michelle W on 3/11/06 at 10:54 PM. ( )

I have a black coyote in my freezer that I think I want to send off the the tannery. I skinned it with a dorsal incision. I want to know if I need to split the tail when I salt it? Do I split it all the way to the tip of the tail? Any other helpful tips are more than welcome. I have never salted small mamals to ship to a tannery befor. I am sending him to Carolina ....

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split the tail and at least rough flesh

This response submitted by terryr on 3/12/06 at 1:02 AM. ( )

you know you can krowtann this yourself and have 'it back' from the tannery in 3 days


This response submitted by Michelle W on 3/12/06 at 10:30 AM. ( )

Yeah I know, but I have never tried the stuff and don't want to try it on a black yote. They are to hard to get ahold of. Took me 3 years to get this one. I am not in a big hurry to get this on back as long as the tannery does a good job tanning it. It's been in my freezer for over a year. Figgure I'd better pull it out and do something with it. Havn't had the time.


This response submitted by Jim B on 3/13/06 at 11:51 AM. ( )

Yes,always split the tail all the way to the tip and salt.

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