Soft Tans?

Submitted by Clark Anderson on 3/13/06 at 5:06 PM. ( )

I am new to taxidermy and I have done a two deer skins and can not seem to get them soft. I have cleaned the skin and then salted it until dry. What should I do next to make them soft.

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Most of us are a little past this-

This response submitted by os on 3/13/06 at 9:16 PM. ( )

but, I will answer. Pickle,shave,tan,neutralize,oil,drum, etc.,etc.,etc. You need to do alot more research.

Buy the

This response submitted by Russell on 3/14/06 at 8:39 AM. ( )

WASCO book whitetail taxidermy manual it will help a lot.
You must be just starting out totaly email me if you want and Ill help what I can


This response submitted by John on 3/14/06 at 9:54 AM. ( )

You need to tan them! Read some more!

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