Relax R in neutralizing step

Submitted by Cory on 3/22/06 at 8:52 AM. ( )

Has anyone ever used relax r in the neutralizing step? Out of the pickle, speed rinse in clear cold water, and into the baking soda neutralizing step. I was wondering, as stated earlier, what would happen if you added relax r to the nuetralizing step? Would I get more stretch, easier shaving, or just plain hair slippage?

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This response submitted by ej on 3/22/06 at 10:51 AM. ( )

yep! the latter. your asking for trouble. use the relaxer when the hide is stiff! only!

Call Knoblochs

This response submitted by John W. on 3/22/06 at 10:52 AM. ( )

Cory,I don't know the answer to that question,but Mark Daniels at Knoblochs probably has the answer.

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