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Submitted by trt on 3/22/06 at 9:15 PM. ( )

wanted to see what process everyone is having success with tanning bears. mainly what type of degreaser and how to use it. i'm tanning with formic acid and this isn't my first time tanning bears, i'm just looking for a good degreaser and tanning solution to get a nice soft, stretchable tan. thanks alot

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This response submitted by George on 3/22/06 at 10:23 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Of course there are some on here who'll get all riled up when I say this, but MOST of us have bears tanned by professionals. They are a work intensive hide to tan and to get right, and while the tannery is tanning it perfectly, I'm working on other projects.

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This response submitted by Laurier on 3/23/06 at 6:57 AM. ( houlel@onlink.net )

George is right, their are many ways. I do a lot of bears, I tan all my own skins, and my way , althow some will not agree. My way is the easiest and fastest way ( and very safe ).
Call me , what do you have to loss.


This response submitted by John on 3/23/06 at 9:24 AM. ( )

Super Safety Solvent is what I use and it works great. I put it right in my pickle bath.


This response submitted by Mary Hilliard-Krueger on 3/23/06 at 1:30 PM. ( halflingrugger@cox.net )

...has hit the nail on the head with this one. Professional tanning in my opinion is the best way to go with bears. Record your time on one bear, home tanning, be honest with the time you spend on it, from start to finish. Then send one bear to a reputable tannery. When that bear comes back from the tannery compare the two skins and how well they mount up, how clean the hair is, how well oiled and neutralized the skin is. I feel you will see it truely pays to send them to a professional tannery. While they are busy doing what they do best, you can be making money on another project. For in my opinion, your shop time spent on home tanning a bear is going to far exceed what it costs to sent it to a tannery and the end result will be better for you and your customer.
Kindest Regards

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