tanning equipment question

Submitted by greg on 3/24/06 at 8:42 PM. ( apptaxidermy@surfglobal.net )

I would like to start tanning for rug work (bear, coyote, etc.)
i would like to be able to get my hides very soft, like the commercial tannery. So here is my question, I need to know what equipment to purchase, where to purchase it and if it would be a smart thing to do on a relatively small scale 30-40 rugs per season?
i talked to a guy that says he went for it and the stuff paid for itself in a year, he is a heckuva lot busier than I. anyone out there doing this?
thanks Greg

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understanding your question

This response submitted by ej on 3/24/06 at 11:56 PM. ( . )

greg - i do not understand your question. is there anyone one here buying equiptment? yes. i'd say some are. is there anyone on this forum trying to learn to tan better, yes, i'd say most of us are.
If you want someone to make an equiptment buying decision for you. i'm afraid that answer is something you'll have to battle out your own consience for.

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