what animals to shave and what animals not to shave

Submitted by john on 3/29/06 at 8:01 AM. ( )

i have a few deer a few fox's and one more coon that i no not to shave also what is an ideal thickness of skin an any animal, b/c i always thought thinner was better


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This response submitted by Trapper on 3/29/06 at 5:51 PM. ( )

all of them, not so deep as to make the hair fall out.

how can you tell when your hitting the root of the hair

This response submitted by john on 3/30/06 at 1:08 PM. ( )

is their some kind of visual that would indicate when shaving to close

the visual is...

This response submitted by terryr on 3/30/06 at 6:31 PM. ( )

you can SEE the hair fall out - seriously... you can see the skin turn a different color (which is really the root of hair)

Can you shave after the tanning process is completed

This response submitted by Lee K on 4/3/06 at 4:36 AM. ( lkadinge@bsamail.org )

I had some furs tanned and the skin side is not as supple as I would like. Is there a way that I can shave it or something to give me a more smoother skin side. Right now it looks like a towel on the skin side. Any help would be great.


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