Cleaning capes after tumbling

Submitted by J on 3/29/06 at 3:52 PM. ( )

Hey guys, thanks for all the info posted. It's nice to come to a website and get help when needed. My question is, after tanning a cape in the auto tanner, I tumble in hard wood chip and dust to remove oil. The capes are now 'dirty', do you wash, scrape, and blow out the saw dust and wood chips? Or do not tumble at all, and just wash out the oil?

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This response submitted by Mr.T on 3/29/06 at 4:05 PM. ( )

I give the hair side a fast shampoo in cold water and rinse the inside as I go. But I rinse out the shampoo and sawdust three times till the water is clear. Do not over wash, just go quickly. I roll up tightly in towels to remove excess water after it has hung a half hour. You can spin it in the washer to remove water, but if you spin to long, the tan and any fluids in the cape will spin to one end of the cape and collect there, thats why I hang to drip dry, then towel.
Others may mount as is, but thats what I do. The cape smells nice, is clean, and all I need is the final painting afterwords.

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