Pickle's or Tans First time or learning.

Submitted by Frank E Kotula on 4/4/06 at 6:52 AM. ( basswtrout@msn.com )

First off I will say this to all beginners,and alike. Why are you always blaming a pickle or a tan and never what did I do wrong?
A proper pickkle will never ever cause a problem and when a hide is then neturlized any tan will work as well. FOLKS it's not the product (esspecially a well known name one not new)if you followed their directions, IT'S YOU!
Please relize this and stop blaming any company. For us to help you in any manner on this forum we need a lot of information to help you out. This is why we're here. I may not like a product cause of certain problems, let's say some products that are an unstable product or has a certain shelf life but that's it.
We need you to explain to us all your steps no matter how long it may take you to write it down. This is a major key in helping you out and finding where you went wrong. We all make mistakes, this is one reason why I and others are on here. We've made them and from our knowldge of making some of these mess-ups we can help you out to get a better product.
So I hope this quick vent helps you in making us better understand what went wrong. Help us help you with all the info.
Thanks, we're glad to help!

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This response submitted by Ed Babneau on 4/4/06 at 7:16 PM. ( mountianed@earthlink.net )

Well said!

What is the best tan?

This response submitted by jrosbor on 4/5/06 at 4:47 PM. ( huntersdream3x@hotmail.com )

Ever heard that one before?
I think (IMHO) that all "tanning formulas" have there own advantages and disadvanages. Some are great but cost an arm and a leg, others are great in price but harsh on the septic system or water treatment plant. Others have a great price and are user friendly but lack in stretch! And yes! Some are even fool proof!

The cold hard fact is if you follow the directions, you SHOULD come out with a good tanned cape.

You kids have fun! Joe

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