auto tanner tanning crystals

Submitted by Ron on 4/8/06 at 7:48 PM. ( )

I have been using the original crystals that came with my auto tanner and was wandering if there is something better to use. I got satisfactory results with it but have heard some say that the Arrow head crystals are even better. I use it mostly for large fullbody mounts such as bear and some african game. I also do a little rug work. If one tan seems to work better in the auto tanner I would like to try it. Keep in mind though, that if several of you experts, who's opinions I tend to respect, give me all differnt answers again I am going to scream.

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Most tans will have the same end result

This response submitted by oldshaver on 4/8/06 at 10:03 PM. ( )

The tan is more for preservation sake, than for a Taxidermists specific needs. Stretch, being the most important, is mostly obtained by a good shave job, and a quality oil. The tan, itself, in my opinion, is only about 30% of what makes a good mounting skin.

Arrowhead tanning crystals

This response submitted by Kim on 4/8/06 at 10:38 PM. ( )

We have tried both and we get a better stretch with the arrowhead. I would like to know if anyone has the formula to make the tanning crystals. If so, please post them on here or email me.

here it is from archives

This response submitted by terryr on 4/10/06 at 12:52 AM. ( )

100lb alum
90lb salt
5lb sodium carbonate

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