I would like to thank...

Submitted by Shelby- Promise Land Ranch and Tannery on 4/14/06 at 11:14 AM. ( Shelby@promiselandranch.net )

... Everyone who didnt have faith in me. This gave me the desire to prove everyone wrong. Some of you may remember my post almost a year ago today asking about how to tan cattle hides(short hair and Highland). Everyone told me to send it out. To not even attempt it. Well although I didn't do it myself at-home I did learn how to do it. I took a great and very informative course at North Idaho School of Tanning and Taxidermy. And am now in the final stages of setting up my Tannery. Now I dont claim to be an expert but I have done two Highlands and a raunchy old cow(totally mis-prepped by a local rancher), Highland Calf, Katahdin Sheep, young buffalo, Moose, Elk, Bobcat, Coyote, Martin, Goat(domestic), and Rabbit and Now I am opening a SMALL tannery with my working knowledge.

And... Many of you will think I'm nuts but... I like doing Beef Hides...

Think what you will of me but I already have at least three people that want stuff done(lots of sheep and beef) and I haven't even advertised or even opened my doors yet.

So again I thank everyone who said send it out, it gave me the desire to give it a try and I like it and plan to make a career out of it.

Oh and it doesn't take 10 years to learn how to shave well, just practice and some one to show you the right way. So you don't bumble around till you figure it out yourself. So those of you that want to learn how to tan your own stuff... Don't get discouraged and give up it can be done with the right equipment and the proper knowledge.

Special Thanks to Van, Shane, Diane and Walt who taught me what I know... See you all next year for Taxidermy Class.


Promise Land Ranch & Tannery
Okanogan, WA

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Well Shelby, congratulations

This response submitted by George on 4/14/06 at 11:50 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

You're absolutely right, most of us do think you're nuts and you're absolutely wrong. If you equate shaving cow hides with what we deal with in the taxidermy industry, you're sadly mistaken. Next time you set at that wheel, grab a mink, a weasel or a chipmunk, or even a caribou or pronghorn and tell us how "easy" it is. Taxidermy shaving and cow leather tanning are as different as night and day.

Your posting sounded a whole lot like sour grapes, but contrary to your implication, most of us are happy for you personally. Most of us learned long ago that if you enjoy something, it isn't work and even if you don't get rich from what you're doing, enjoying doing it has its own rewards.

Congrats on the start up

This response submitted by David Patton on 4/16/06 at 9:01 PM. ( )

Somehow you seemed to have overlooked the fact that I wished you well and concentrated on the ones that tried to get you to "send it out". That's OK Shelby, I know what is in store for you and my well wishes are still there for you. As is my offer for advice if you want it.

Look, I am from Texas and I know what pride can do for you , or to you. Never be so proud not to seek out advice from anywhere and anybody. I am still in this trade because I love it and it isn't work unless you are doing it for someone else. Even then, it can still be very satisfying.

Keep up the hard work! I have a couple Highland steers I am working on right now and they aren't that bad, but George is right, I didn't go out and try to get them. They just came to me. Wait until you see how easy cow hides are on a Turner. It will make those days of hand fleshing those long haired cattle seem like the Stone Age.

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