Does Advantage Fur Dressing do a good job ?

Submitted by Tim Hager on 4/19/06 at 12:16 PM. ( )

Good Morning, I had a taxidermist friend try and get me to try Advantage Fur dressing for wet tanning on african skins, Can anyone tell me anything about their quality, turn around time? etc. Good? bad?


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Excellent job

This response submitted by Evelyn on 4/19/06 at 12:49 PM. ( taxidermyranch at )

Tim, I've been using Advantage for the past ten years with great results. I get all my capes, including the African capes, wet tanned. All their capes come back nice with lots of stretch. Never had one cape lost since I've been using them. And their turn a round time just can't be beat either.


This response submitted by Becky P on 4/19/06 at 1:14 PM. ( )

I haven't used them long, about a year, but no problems. Quick turn around, received the last batch back in about 4 weeks. BP


This response submitted by Susan Rutledge on 4/19/06 at 3:16 PM. ( )

We have used Advantage Fur Dressers (AFD) for many years and have not had any problems. The hides always come back nice and their turnaround time has always been quick, around 30-45 days. I would recommend them to you.

VAN- We need to talk

This response submitted by Chuck on 4/19/06 at 5:35 PM. ( )

30-45 days? I must not be paying him enough.. Just kidding. Van runs a great operation. But dont tell everyone! Dang, well never get anything back...hehehe

thanks for the help

This response submitted by Tim on 4/24/06 at 9:08 AM. ( )

Thanks for the help everyone, I'm going to try them out.

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