Reliable Shaving machines wanted

Submitted by oldshaver on 4/28/06 at 3:40 PM. ( )

Reliable Brand, not the adjective.

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This response submitted by PMVRWC on 5/3/06 at 8:29 AM. ( )

you just confused a pile of people - LOL - adjective ?

Why is is confusing?

This response submitted by David Patton on 5/3/06 at 12:03 PM. ( )

re·li·a·ble ( P ) Pronunciation Key (r-l-bl)
Capable of being relied on; dependable: a reliable assistant; a reliable car.
Yielding the same or compatible results in different clinical experiments or statistical trials.

I think I got what he was saying. Hey, anyone want to pay $65,000 for one? I will cut it to $120,000 for two!

First confusion, then laughter!

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