Not sur eif I have a problem or not

Submitted by MikeP on 5/2/06 at 6:48 PM. ( )

I've been using McKenzie tan with safetee acid for about a year now. After brushing it on my last cape and letting it sink in for a few hours, I noticed a few areas that still had that bluish-purple color to it. Usually the whole hide is yellow. It was in the pickle for 3 days then shaved and back in the pickle for another 2 days. I never ran into this before. Am I safe or do I need to re do it? If so, can I restart the process by putting it back in the pickle or do I need to resalt?

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Not Sure

This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 5/3/06 at 6:48 AM. ( )

What it may sound like if you shaved the hide a bit to thin in a few spots. Check and see if your real close to the hair roots in those areas. If so then that's what your seeing.

Other than that, make sure you mix up Mekinzie's tan real good!.

To retan it your going to have to use a heavy detergent to try and wash it out. More in the archives about this but I'm not a fan.

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