Oil for saddle?

Submitted by Kristi on 5/3/06 at 9:56 AM. ( )

Lots of my riding buddies recommend vegetable oil for saddles. I've been reluctant to use that.

I've got some tanning oil #1 out in the shop (that I really like for taxidermy use), would this be good for oiling a leather saddle? Would it leave a residue or discolor it? Wonder if it's better than neatsfoot oil?

I would not be drenching it, just giving it a quick oil after knocking the mud off of it. It's new and I'd like to keep it looking new.

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This response submitted by Marc A on 5/3/06 at 9:59 AM. ( )

I use Krowoil on my kids softball glove and catchers mit ! Works great .


This response submitted by whitey fisk on 5/3/06 at 10:35 AM. ( whiteyfisktaxidermy@yahoo.com )

I use neatsfoot oil on my saddles all the time, never had a problem. I've heard of people using saddle soap before but I've heard its real hard on the leather and will eventually ruin the saddle.

No veg. oil

This response submitted by The Undertaker on 5/3/06 at 10:44 AM. ( )

It will break down the leather. I have a couple saddlebreds and so driving horses, I too heard that B.S. about using veg. oil, I ask who the idiot was that decided that was better than saddle soap, noone knows.

Saddle soap is full of oils that work to clean the dirt and grime from leather, leaving the needed oils to lubricate the leather cells.

Hint "Why would it be called SADDLE SOAP" you can also use neatsfoot oils. THer are many very good products for car leather, many of these will not darken saddle leather, which neatsfoot oil will darken the leather.

The BEST PRODUCTs are these for leather, when I say best these are the ones I have found that do an excellent job and don't darken the leather. my black horses look great with the tan leather of the harness
Farnum make Leather New, it is a liquid glycerine saddle soap, cleans, conditions and polishes tan leather without darkening.
Farnum Horse Products.
P.O.B. 34820
Phoenix, AZ 85067-4820

UPC 8662132601

The other great product I have found is

LEATHER CARE This has UV protection you can find it at Auto Zone or Wally World.

Leather CAre is in a brown bottle, looks like a suntan oil bottle.

UPC 7061240690

On oilther product, is by

LEXOL or is LEXOL, I used the last of my bottle last fall.
It is a foam that is super easy to use does not darken leather. I have not been able to find it in my local feed and farm supply store.

It also does not darken leather.

When a oil darkens leather so dark as most VEG. oils will, the leather breaks down, the super sateration weakens the leather.

I used Veg oil, "Olive oil" too and last a $1000.00 show harness because those weaken the leather.

I have a BigHorn saddle I have used nothing but the leather care from Armorall on and it is still light colored and looks, plus feels like new.

If it smells like leather its a good product, if you should be cooking with it, use it for that.

I am sure these three products I recommend were designed to work well with leather, it is a "DUH" point.

Happy Trails

neastfoot oil

This response submitted by kmbuckshot on 5/4/06 at 10:55 PM. ( kmbuckshot@aol.com )

i am a saddle maker and that is what i use. saddle soap i would use to clean it up and such. far as i know it don't break things down. just need to use it right. but by all means use what u will this is just my recommendation

Thanks everybody!

This response submitted by Kristi on 5/5/06 at 9:59 AM. ( )

Appreciate your responses. I'll get to cleaning that saddle... just so I can dirty it again on Sunday... oh well!

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