6 foot tumbler

Submitted by T on 5/3/06 at 10:16 PM. ( )

Is 20 R P M to fast for a 4+6 tumbler?
Also need to know how many baffels and the
size of baffels to put in drum.
Please help.

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This response submitted by rw on 5/3/06 at 11:20 PM. ( )

i just looked in Van Dykes and they list tumbler baffels for their 55 gallon drum. $39.99.

It is 3 baffels and they looked to be 3 inches of more tall. the baffels in a clothes dryer are about that tall also.

20 rpm seems ok.

DID YOU Build this TUMBLER? What motor, how geared, how driven?


This response submitted by Laurier on 5/4/06 at 9:58 AM. ( houlel@onlink.net )

Tom: your tumbler should turn at 30 RPM so it will pick up the skin and drop it from the top of the tumbler. And you should have ( 4 )
baffles make them the full width of the tumbler and at least 8" high
be sure they are against the back wall , so the skins can't get wedged behind it. My tumbler is also 6' high and 2' wide 30 RPM
same as fur dressers 12' tumblers .
If the skins only go halve way up the tumbler then fall to the bottom , then why would you need a tumbler that tall ?
This is only my opinion , but I've tried many speeds until finally a manufacturer of tumblers from Italy where at Nippissing first nation fur dressers and their Tech was there and gave me all the info I needed from tumblers to tanning and finishing.

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