East Coast Tannery

Submitted by Artie on 5/4/06 at 3:23 PM. ( )

Just a heads guys.These guys are top notch tanners!Great guys to do buisiness with!Check them out.Quality work

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This response submitted by Mike Schuda on 5/4/06 at 8:59 PM. ( )

Is that the name of the company "East Coast Tannery"? Where are they located.




This response submitted by 9 on 5/5/06 at 12:13 AM. ( )

It is indeed East Coast Tannery and they are in PA.

They do not have e-mail and you will have to leave lots of messages and play phone-tag, but they are very friendly salespeople. They have a toll-free # so playing phone tag is no big deal.

Turnaround time is good. Tan quality appears to be good. I do not see epidermal loss or depigmentation in sensitive places like eye corners or inner ears. Shaving could use improvement. Prices are pretty much industry standard. Not too high, not too low. Invoicing seems fine. They do not appear to accomodate any shipping method other then UPS which is a pain for PO Box users.

The 2 pelts I have from them both rehydrated back to the original carcass measurements after I re-shaved parts of the skins after rehydrating for 14 hours to regain wetness & size. They did need washing twice to get rid of oil and sawdust in the fur prior to mounting. Once you rehydrate the skin and mount it, when it dries, it's a little stiff (under-tumbling) so you will have to re-stretch and re-break the dried skin back to the softness desired. Obviously this only applies for rugs.

Overall, a good place to send stuff. Go for it.

Great Guys at East Coast!

This response submitted by Don Houser on 5/5/06 at 9:54 AM. ( dhouser@ptdprolog.net )

Erik & Joe are great to deal with. They are located in Telford,PA. Not sure of the toll free # but 215-799-1900 is the # I have. I have been using them for a few years and have no complaints with thier work or turnaround time.


This response submitted by krj on 5/5/06 at 12:48 PM. ( )

Mike, how would you feel if you didn't need to reshave, rehydrate for 14 hours, rewash or break the skin? If you're doing all this, how good is it really?


This response submitted by 9 on 5/5/06 at 1:16 PM. ( )

I'd be 'in love'. LOL.
The problems I had are what I consider to be minor, but for the price I paid to have the skins done, compared to standard fur dressing, it was enough for me to mention. Issues have been solved.
I do not anticipate any more issues at all and I am still satisfied with their quality.
Rehydrating the skin before mounting is de facto, not a problem. I do not do wet tans.


This response submitted by krj on 5/6/06 at 8:04 AM. ( )

Then you should send them to k and k tannery in Michigan you'll be in love.

I've heard

This response submitted by Jessica on 5/7/06 at 9:05 AM. ( horseelady_jessie@yahoo.com )

That East Cost is usually a nightmare, they either under shave or over shave with lots of ventilation holes to prove it. I've heard alot about the wildlife gallery. Can't give an opinion on them, never sent a hide out. I have 3 W/T capes from east cost though and I'm really not thrilled with them. ONe of them I am going to throw in the garbage, acid rot or something.


This response submitted by joe on 5/7/06 at 4:03 PM. ( joeps95@localnet.com )

I have been using east coast for 3 yrs now and have had no problems to speak of , usually if something is wrong with your hides its from previous handling not the tanners.

Jessica - Horseelady

This response submitted by very happy Shaun on 5/9/06 at 3:04 PM. ( )

Jessica... I cant beleive you've even tried East Coast!? If you did and were not satisified, all you would need to do is call and talk with them. They are the easiest group of people to work with and if they are wrong they ALWAYS make things right. Why havent you called them about your "problem" cape that you are trashing? Or better yet why not call them before you trash them?

I have used East Coast since they started, seven years ago and have no complaints! As a matter of fact I just mounted a deer cape, wet tanned by East Coast 4 years ago and the thing is still in great shape after being frozen four years ago. It is my personal cape and the thing looks great! I think Jessica if you havent called East Coast you should probably give them a try after all maybe you prepared the skins wrongly and it was not them.

Sincerely, Shaun

Frozen Capes

This response submitted by Marty on 5/11/06 at 5:18 PM. ( )

Has anybody ever tried sending whole frozen capes to East Coast?
I understand that they will do all the prep work for about double the cost of just tanning.

send them

This response submitted by artie on 5/20/06 at 8:16 AM. ( )

send them to them.I have sent mine out to others with no luck but these guys are good.

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