Red fox

Submitted by Hunter on 5/5/06 at 12:37 PM. ( )

I have turned, rough fleshed, and salted. What is the type of acid used to rehydrate a fox but also lock in hair? Or should I use krowtann I just need to make sure hair will set. Last one was a nightmare. thanks

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should all ready be set

This response submitted by jay on 5/5/06 at 1:23 PM. ( )

the salt well set the hair i salt everthing until its hard as a rock then rehydrate with rittle's ultra soft. or i gal of water to one pond of salt well do the trick.. you should rehydrate before the pickle.

Put it straight into acid

This response submitted by oldshaver on 5/5/06 at 8:40 PM. ( )

In my opinion, rehydrations serve only to expedite the pickle process. Fox, are easily rehydrated in pickle, without the worry of slippage. Whats an extra 24 hours worth? Formic, or saftee acid, will do the job.

true story

This response submitted by terryr on 5/5/06 at 9:10 PM. ( )

i have mounted roughly 20 fox (shoulder and full body) in the last two years and have had 1/8" slippage on the inside of one red fox ear - tanning solution is krowtann

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