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2. Commercial messages are allowed within reason if they contain interesting information for all visitors of this forum. If in doubt, please contact the forum administrator. Commercial ads with prices are specifically not allowed unless the item advertised is a very special single quantity item. There are a few Pro-Tannners on here forgetting to read the rules of the forum, as I have done in the past, which I have tried to correct. Anybody on here tanning skins for a living, should pay for their advertising, and not use this forum as a FREE source for advertising. One can easily see the irony in making snide remarks about 2 page ads in national magazines, that were well paid for, and then doing your advertising for free.

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Quoting Rules? You?

This response submitted by David Patton on 5/7/06 at 9:20 PM. ( )

Stop by the booth at Surry County and we will discuss this. That is a good topic for small talk. When Ken jumps my case, I will consider it a concern. Until then, I see plenty of free ads on this site and they are not limited to the small guys like me. Even the big dogs get some free ads.
Snipe? Nope, just pointing out how well word of mouth does a small business. Here is a good topic for discussion: Did you notice how everyone in those national mags say they are the best? Who is really the best if everyone claims to be? I say let the customers do the talking and the rest can do the walking?

Peace Bro! See you in a couple weeks.


This response submitted by ej on 5/7/06 at 10:06 PM. ( sengseal )

hey everybody! stop in my store on ebay! now back and better than ever!
need some seng seed for up coming ginseng season? we sell the very best. 12 years now. we been sang'n since 1966. or how about a Bruce Rittel tanning kit.. we sell some of the best garment/craft/rendezvous tanned beaver you will ever see. tanned at Lonestar! need a bear trap? again please visit SENGSEAL. under ebays seller list.
have a safe summer everyone. if your not safe, well, name it after me.

Who are you

This response submitted by Bill on 5/7/06 at 10:49 PM. ( )

Who are you to Police what go on this site Oldshaver.You are on here alot you must not have anying better to do, except voice your opinion. Keep it to yourself and get a JOB.

Don't worry about what other people do, mind your own business Buddy

Dear Bill

This response submitted by ej on 5/8/06 at 11:23 AM. ( t )

old shaver, or old spice as i call him. has a job. he is a very experienced high quality shaver for well know tannery. he only comes here to help everyone. and often does. just for your info. he is a true veteran of the business. and he knows one heck of alot of info and could/would probably give you the shirt off his back so to speak to help you also. so chill a little.


This response submitted by 9 on 5/8/06 at 6:24 PM. ( )

Does OS feel threatened which is why he's always so anxious to point out the 'rules'?
I received in my Carolina invoice, a lime-green excuse. Paraphrase - "we're pulling all our print advertising for spring and summer because we're overbooked, turnaround time will be longer".
Surely you don't want to remove business from the other tanneries when you have to turn it away yourself? Why not let the others just exist and 'be'?

9 what?

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5. Anonymous postings that are mean-spirited are not allowed. The Forums will not be used to belittle, humiliate or blackmail someone's enemies, competitors, or one who wronged them in the past. If you wish to make a public accusation about someone by name, you should be willing to post your own name, address and phone number. My name is Aubrey Young-whats yours? I cant recall any time before now, that I pointed out any rules. I broke them quite a few times myself. What, you cant appreciate honesty? Would you rather call every two weeks, and be told your order is in process, and almost done? All Taxidermists that have been in the business for a while, know that a GOOD Tannery will develop a deep backlog. If you get in 50 deer heads one year, and 100 the next, Could or would you, be prepared for a 100% increase? I doubt it. Threatened- not in the least. My business? Yes, its my business, I make my ENTIRE living at a Tannery. My whole point is this. Knoblochs, Rittels,and Ozark Woods, have a place here. Most of the folks on this site, are tanning at home. There is a link for whole-sale tanners. They have sense enough to use it, if they want to send their work out. Its just my opinion, but if you want to play Tanner, pay for your advertising, go to state conventions, and promote your product. Word of mouth will carry you far! Free advertising, is just that, you get what you pay for. If I owned my own tannery, which I dont, I wouldnt be caught dead on here advertising. It makes you look desperate for work. Cant go to Piedmont, too busy trying to meet deadlines. Just an opinion, without sarcasm.

This is the real thing, no playing allowed!

This response submitted by David Patton on 5/8/06 at 10:10 PM. ( )

I advertise. As a matter of fact, I have gone beyond the rule of thumb of "%15 of gross sales invested in marketing". You don't see my ads because you are not running in the same circles as I do. This is not playing, believe me, I would not be invested this heavily in a play thing. Try calling Nathan Griffith of SHEEP magazine and mention my name. He will talk your head off about the "new" tanner that took over Moosehead Tannery. Nathan is the editor for that magazine.

I will be in Wild Fiber magazine and The Shepherd magazine this year. I also have been invited to bring my booth, that I regularly set up at fiber festivals, to the Surry County show next week and the NC Trappers Convention in September. Next year, I have already made plans to attend the World Taxidermy Show in Reno.

I attended South Carolina's convention this year and was planning for Virginia's when I suffered a death in the family and had to pull out. I still donated my gift certificates, which went for $25 each, in the auction to support the VTA. I also donated gift certificates to the South Carolina Association to help fund their organization.

I give away tanned hides to charity events at the various Fiber Festivals that I attend on the East Coast. I even supported the Special Olympics for NC by participating in the "Polar Plunge" in February. I actually jumped into a freezing cold lake while Raleigh was having snow flurries! My logo is on the T-shirt for that event as an advertising tool.

I just returned from the 33rd annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in West Friendship, Maryland. Probably dropped a grand on all expenses to market my tannery at that event. I had to rent a UHAUL to bring back all the customer hides I picked up from all the advertising I did this year with them. It was a mixture of sheep, bison and deer.

I have links to my website, that has been up for 18 months, to other websites, including this one, and I receive a good amount of business from that.

Aubrey, I am 25 minutes from your house, yet you have never come to see my tannery in Smithfield. You are welcome to visit. Rick is not going to fire you and you won't be a traitor. Maybe it will give you a new found appreciation for what I have struggled through over the last three years to make this thing work. I really have a nice setup, and I have a healthy amount of respect for everything that Rick had to go through for 26 years to get his tannery where it is. There is not a hard feeling there and I am not jealous, as I have been accused of in the past. I know what it is like to put your name on the line and try to make business ends meet. My customers have been a big help to me. I try to return the favor with a quality tan. I am not advertising that I am the best, I just let public opinion decide. It seems to be the best barometer for me and I am open to constructive criticism.

I write this just to defend what I see as an underestimation of what I have in Lonestar Wool & Fur on your part.

I am for real and I love doing what I am doing. I tanned my first rabbit in a five gallon bucket when I was 12 years old back in the East Texas piney woods around Conroe, and I have never looked back.

Stop in sometime and visit. I have some really nice leather that I have not shipped yet. Don't wait too long though, I am getting customer orders back in 30 to 45 days on the taxidermy side! The sheep are taking about three months.

Sorry I will miss you in Mt. Airy.

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