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Submitted by 9 on 5/9/06 at 10:31 PM. ( )

Hey OS! Got it today.

Carolina FD had 2 ears to work with... trashed one, other one looks ok but I didn't inspect it for blowouts. That is the error I found.

Formic acid pickle?

A very fine dust is noted in the fur, but in anything but strong daylight, it looks 'clean'. Customer will think it's 'clean'. There are no tangles. I see no slip spots. Even though there were 2 warnings on my intake statement and someone said that if the lips were not split before I sent the pelt, that the face would slip. The face didn't slip at all. It was just an air-dry skin - no salting or 'taxidermy treatments' at all.

No claws missing. They don't have dinged up tips either. Good stretch of leather between toes and good overall break of leather. Skin should make a nice mount. Leather is far too thick for garment usage. Leather has good softness and suppleness. Minor blade chatter noted on lower back & a couple other places.

If it was my pelt I would be happy with the outcome. It's the best 'taxidermy tannery' work I have seen yet. No slip, soft leather, cleanable fur, someone said it was a syntan... no complaints here. Except the trashy ear.

It's a nice tan but a 6 month wait unless one can hold their raw skins until the autumn for Carolina to have finished their Catch-Up Routine. :) Tell 'em to hire more help...

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"Picky", Sounds more like "anal" to me.

This response submitted by George on 5/10/06 at 11:56 AM. ( )

I've used Carolina Furs since there WAS a Carolina fur and I don't know what "9" is supposed to represent, but I can come up with a whole lot analogies after this kind of left handed compliments. I know if I had a customer like him/her, I'd be in a big hurry to shepherd him over to someone I really didn't like. What a moron.

I've strayed over the years and I've even "tried" some of the purported "better" tanneries, but I know quality when I see it. So lets start at the beginning of this assinine posting. ONE: if I'm going to mount an animal, I don't have it DRY TANNED. I don't have to worry about residual sawdust DUST. Carolina has one of the very best wet tan processes in the business PERIOD. Stretch is absolutly non pareil. SECOND: I always wash my hides regardless of the method of tan as I like to add the insurance of some type insect proofer. If, during my rehydration bath I was too damned lazy to insure all the dust was washed out, I don't blame the tannery. THIRD: So you had to wait too long? Goodness Gracious. Wonder if it had to do that Carolina had the mega-orders to deal with aside from your piddlyassed "sample" order. But what seems to be an anomoly in this gasoline assed society, I plan my work in advance. I find that usually the hides get back to me too QUICKLY as I'd like some of that stuff like African game, to take its sweet time getting back to me. FOURTH: You gratuitous remark that they should "hire more help" is plain insulting. Rick Morgan has expanded Carolina exponentially over the years and probably has some of the very best fur dressers in the industry. Maybe he could hire a few winos off the street to tan YOUR work, but I'd just as soon he groomed and trained his employees to maintain the same high standards I've seen from them over the years. As a matter of fact, since you seem to be so "picky", why don't you send Rick a resume and see if you'd qualify.

One final point. YOu said you didn't find any claws missing. In all the years of dealing with Carolina, I've never EVER had a missing claw. I wired my browns and grizzlies like their advisory says, but not the black bears. I still have yet to get a hide back that didn't have either the original state claws OR a bag attached with the missing claw. I'm incensed when I read on this forum tanneries that have "black bear claws for sale". Do any of you ever ask where the hell these "extras" came from? One tannery in particular on here does that. I used the once with my black bear and it came back missing half the claws. I called and complained and was told that it was my fault I hadn't wired them and they "didn't have time" to look through the sawdust for missing claws. I guess they didnt' have time to look through it for MY claws, but they did have time to salvage them for sale to others.

And just so you don't wonder. I am NOT an employee of Carolina Fur and I don't receive any remuneration for my comments. Over the years I've come to think of Rick as a friend, but I as any my friends will tell you, it's not past what I consider my own ability to objective (whether you agree with MY objectivity or not).

Calm down George

This response submitted by AndyO on 5/10/06 at 12:38 PM. ( )

He said the job CFD did was "the best 'taxidermy tannery' work I have seen yet". He gave a detailed critque of the service he received. Calling the guy a moron is a bit harsh isnt it?

Andy, you're right

This response submitted by George on 5/10/06 at 12:52 PM. ( )

I was unfair in calling him a moron, but his answer certainly was "moronic" in my opinion. IF a service is "the best" that I've seen, I only accentuate at positive. A blown ear is so common on any dry tan that it just aches to happen. Carolina admonishes taxidermists of this problem and even asks taxidermists to help them protect the skins by placing electrical ties around the ear tips. I saw nothing but, as I said, left handed compliments before that final conciliatory remark. I felt it was blatantly unfair to post it on a public forum like this. I try to never badmouth any service or supplier on this forum because of that. If I think there's someone being led astray, I'll contact them privately if at all possible. A guy off the street reading this post will invariably look for the worst and this posting only exacerbates that. So 9 probably isn't a moron but his "critique" certainly is moronic.

Thats fair

This response submitted by Andy on 5/10/06 at 1:03 PM. ( )

I once forgot to tie the ears on an order to Carolina and to my suprise they did it for me at no extra charge. I get called if they see any potential problems with my skins and let "me" make a decision on how to proceed. Other companies simply process the order and demand payment-- even if they know the end results will be sub standard.

My two cents

This response submitted by Bruce Norton on 5/10/06 at 1:18 PM. ( )

George, You mentioned a tannery that sells bear claws on here. If it the one I am thinking of, they are a tannery AND a taxidermy shop. When I take in bears for a half mount, the back half of the hide and back feet are all extra. I assume they are the same way. I have lots of back claws I could sell and I don't do many bears each year. I give them to a friend that is into the rendevous stuff. By the way, I use that tannery for all of my bear tanning and have never had any missing claws.


I would hope that's true Bruce

This response submitted by George on 5/10/06 at 2:17 PM. ( )

I, too, get back halves left all the time, but a back claw and a front claw are easily differentiated. If I ran a tannery and a shop, I'd make damned sure that any claws left in the tumbler were put with a customers work if at all possible. The APPEARANCE still grates at me.

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