Best method for dog?

Submitted by Jenny on 5/10/06 at 3:38 PM. ( )

Hi, I know this will sound weird but bear with me here. What's the best method for tanning dog hide? I'd like the fur to stay on and create a rug. I'm a novice so I don't know which method would best achieve the results I want. This is not a joke and I'm not hunting down people's dogs. My brother has been taking care of a huge stray he has found. The dog is old and is being treated(unsuccesfully) for kidney failure but has a beautiful, unique. My brother plans on having him euthanized when he gets to sick to eat but since it was never really his dog he doesn't mind if I take the skin. If anyone knows about the meat I'd be willing to try it, too, if the vet says the kidney problems won't foul up the meat too much. Anyway, I'm not too much of a weirdo and this is not a joke. I hope someone has some suggestions.

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This response submitted by Forrest Sue on 5/10/06 at 4:38 PM. ( )

"If anyone knows about the meat I'd be willing to try it, too, if the vet says the kidney problems won't foul up the meat too much."

Oh MAN Tell me I didn't read that right!?!

What do you want the meat for?

This response submitted by Evelyn on 5/10/06 at 4:39 PM. ( )

you are not planning to eat the dog are you?

On the hide, send it off to a tannery to get it tanned up professionally so it stays soft and subtle.

the hide should tan just as good as a whitetails hide...

This response submitted by John W. on 5/10/06 at 5:13 PM. ( )

You say this question is not a joke,but why in the world would you want to eat a dog?You also will want to check and see if there are any laws or regulations forbidding either action.

Recipes for

This response submitted by Mr.T on 5/10/06 at 5:18 PM. ( )

Slab of lab
Hot Dogs
Hound Dog Pie
Mutt Meatballs
New Yorky Strip
Ground Hound
Lassie under Glassie


This response submitted by Don on 5/10/06 at 5:47 PM. ( )



This response submitted by dog on 5/10/06 at 7:17 PM. ( )

Tan it just like a coyote or wolf pelt. Remember, a dog is just a domestic wolf.

The meat will be tainted and unfit to eat because the vet euthanizes animals using pentobarbital injections (poisonous). Do not eat a dog that has been "professionally euthanized".

I only eat...

This response submitted by joe on 5/10/06 at 9:44 PM. ( )

dog that is shot in the head. It doesn't foul the meat but makes a terrible rug...Are you for serious?!

Hey Mr. T

This response submitted by Jen on 5/11/06 at 1:00 AM. ( )

You forgot "German Sheperds Pie!" Yummy!

what part of the dog

This response submitted by Ben on 5/11/06 at 9:58 AM. ( )

Two german imagrents first time in NY city saw numerous adds along the street for "hotdogs"
They were getting hungry and decided to try one
after a while one of them said to the other
Hermie...what part of the dog did you get?


This response submitted by Whitey Fisk on 5/11/06 at 9:54 PM. ( )

Jenny, your are truly a Jackass and if you think that I dont believe this is a joke you are even a bigger jackass. I might would have bought it if you wouldnt have put the part about trying the meat but you blew it with that remark.


This response submitted by R .Lee on 5/11/06 at 11:25 PM. ( )

She's from Korea...they eat dog over there (and probably here too for those recent immigrants that live in the US)...but still - yuck! If I was given a dog to make a hide or rug out of I'd take the carcass down the road to the county park and donate it to them so they can use it to feed their captive birds of prey. That's what I do with most all of the carcasses I have left over.


This response submitted by fishguts on 5/12/06 at 11:34 PM. ( )

Jenny, its time to look up forest again to get you off that stuff!

If the dog has been euthanized do not eat it!

This response submitted by Alicia on 6/3/06 at 4:21 PM. ( )

DO NOT eat any animal that has been euthanized with an IV euthanasia solution! Unless of course, you would like it to be your last meal.

You aren't serious are you?

This response submitted by Cathy on 6/6/06 at 2:23 AM. ( )

Anyone that would honestly ask for a recipe for cooking dog, should be turned over to the Humane Society in their state. One person commented about where you were originally from, however, if you are from a foreign country you are not obliged to continue those customs here. True dog lovers can't help but pray that you aren't their next door neighbor. By the way, why would you want to chance your own health? As I am sure the vet would be knocked off his feet when you asked him if you could still eat the dog.

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