george what about this

Submitted by jody on 5/12/06 at 5:59 PM. ( )

george can you pickle a cape then salt then tan the scalp with krow tan the neck with alum the and shoulders with spray tan.i just wanted to know.because i just thought of it.

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i use

This response submitted by lee on 5/12/06 at 6:23 PM. ( )

lutan on the right ear and always liqua tan on the left! never tan the nose, always dry preserve this area.


This response submitted by oldshaver on 5/12/06 at 6:28 PM. ( )

You either know this person, and their funnin, or you have a smartass on your hands.

Sure looks that way OS

This response submitted by George on 5/12/06 at 6:41 PM. ( )

I hope he enjoyed typing that out.

just funnin

This response submitted by jody on 5/12/06 at 7:12 PM. ( )

i see you get pounded with all kinds of questions.thought id try to blend in.just funnin.ok im serious now.

In My anything but humble opinion

This response submitted by Ron on 5/13/06 at 3:23 PM. ( )

It doesn't matter in what order you salt, tan or pickle as long as you flesh from brisket to the head. Fleshing from head to brisket will result in epidermal dislexia, or inverted plasmosis. I see this common mistake made by beginners all the time. Many a good mount has be pharked by lack of knowledge.

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