anti-freeze/ snake skin

Submitted by julie on 5/16/06 at 4:39 PM. ( )

was told if you but a snake skin in a jar with anti-freeze it would presurve the skin. if this is true how long does it sat in the anti-freeze? and what do you do after that ?

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you better research the process again.

This response submitted by Mr.T on 5/16/06 at 8:34 PM. ( )

from past history, your question has been asked over a thousand times, and the answer is always , not true. Antifreeze will wreck the skin. You will want to purchase a snake tanning kit. The kits are about the price of two pizzas. Almost every taxidermy supply company sells them. So tell who ever told you that to stop saying that because there is a correct and better way to preserve snake skin.
Look above at Suppliers, then taxidermy suppliers with web sites, then search and find what you need.

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