home tanning

Submitted by Dirk C on 5/19/06 at 4:15 PM. ( )

i have been do home tanning on my deer capes. so far i've just been doing this part time i was just checking on what kind of tannin yall use. And some of the tanneries that yall might use any and all input would be greatly appreicated.

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Too many to list

This response submitted by oldshaver on 5/19/06 at 7:57 PM. ( )

But I will give you three categories that you can search from here. Orange button. Submersible tans, syn-tans, spray-on(or paint-on) tans. REAL tanning will require a shaving machine purchase. Without shaving, you are only going to get a quick, half a--ed tan, that will only tan the surface. Proper tanning also requires a pickle, to achive a TRUE tan. Oiling is also a must. Quick and easy has its rewards, but quick and aint true tanning.

McKenzie Tan

This response submitted by Whitey Fisk on 5/20/06 at 12:40 AM. ( )

Get your self some Safe-tee acid and some McKenzie Tan, its the best there is.


This response submitted by bcline on 5/20/06 at 11:03 PM. ( clinestaxidermy@earthlink.net )

by Rittel works very well,McKenzie tan also,liqua tan to,they all seem to be the same with different names, they all work very well, you must use safe-tee acid to achieve a proper tan ,we only [shop tan] hides that are IFIE [lose hair]or ours for shop use ,customer skins get sent to tannery,we use KEYSTONE FUR DRESSING they do an excellent job ,good turn around also,good luck


This response submitted by terryr on 5/21/06 at 12:57 AM. ( )

best tan going - read EASY - SO SIMPLE GEORGE COULD USE IT

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