Felt or Not?

Submitted by Mouflon on 5/21/06 at 8:45 AM. ( a_k_collingwood@hotmail.com )

I am concerned about on-going care for a new bear rug and how having a stitched felt backing may make that difficult. With a sewn-on backing, I will not be able to easily oil the back of the skin to keep it supple. Is this an issue for long-term care?

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you shouldn't need to oil

This response submitted by terryr on 5/21/06 at 11:11 AM. ( )

if it was done right to start with - lay it out and enjoy

Some earlier ruggers used to put a zipper in the felt

This response submitted by George on 5/21/06 at 4:13 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

This allowed for just what you suggest. However, most of us know that if you use your bear rug AS A RUG, it will more likely develop bald spots from hair loss than from cracking due to lack of oil.

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