Turkey Legs 2

Submitted by Matt J on 5/21/06 at 11:38 PM. ( pakoboy@sbcglobal.net )

My name is Matt and i am new to taxidermy. I read The Complete Hunter: Wild Turke edition that there is a way to preserve turky legs in a saltwater solution. I am very new to this and dont know ANYTHING about any professional taxidermy liquids. It would be a very big help because the legs are chilling in the freezer. I would like to get some information fast because i would like to try this out. Any and all other suggesstions are welcome especially any home remedies.

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use alcohol

This response submitted by terryr on 5/22/06 at 12:34 AM. ( )

alcohol (from paint store ) will preserve about anything

I use Oil of Olay

This response submitted by Turkey on 5/23/06 at 11:48 AM. ( )

to preserve my legs.


This response submitted by Matt J on 5/23/06 at 4:08 PM. ( pakoboy@sbcglobal.net )

Thanks for your help! Where could i find this stuff? What is the procedure for the soaking (i.e. How many days do the legs have to soak for?) Im sort of interested in the alchaol response. I also would like to know about the saltwater solution if it would possible.

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