Romove fat from Black-Backed Jackall skin?

Submitted by JP's on 5/22/06 at 4:12 AM. ( )

I have a Black-Backed Jackall skin that i want to tan. Problem is it has a thin layer of fat all over. What is the best method to remove the fat? A tried by knive but because the skin is very thin its not easy NOT cutting holes. I tried wire wheel which works quite well. Only problem with this is that the fat is still all over the skin.A tried removing by wipe off with a cloth. Any suggestions please.

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call me

This response submitted by Laurier on 5/22/06 at 10:13 AM. ( )


same as coyote or red fox

This response submitted by terryr on 5/24/06 at 1:06 AM. ( )

fleshing machine

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