can i dry out a krow tann skin

Submitted by joe on 5/22/06 at 7:22 PM. ( )

i have a skin that is starting to slip will drying it out stop the slip then rehydrate and mount

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how big is the slip area?!

This response submitted by John W. on 5/22/06 at 8:34 PM. ( )

If the area is not that big,you can cut it out and sew,mount right away and make sure to put a fan on it as this will help speed up the drying process.I personally have not used Krowtann but there has to be something in the process thats being done incorrectly because a lot of folks are having slip problems,this happens with other tans as well if done incorrectly,but it just seems like a lot of folks are having problems with this tan lately,you might call the folks who distribute this product to see if your doing something a little different than what they do.

i let my helper do the mixing wile dilling with some one

This response submitted by joe on 5/22/06 at 9:09 PM. ( )

i knew some thing was wrong the next day when the skin did not draw up did not have a chance to talk to him but i think he did not put enough salt i still love this tan great stuff

its not the tann i can tell you that

This response submitted by paul e on 5/24/06 at 7:50 AM. ( )

id call ozark woods 1800467 0369
but let me tell you did you take the cape out once daily ,stir the solution and stretch the skin around a little
thats what the directions say to do
ive done thirt or forty with this stuff and had no problems
the stop-rot treated katrina axis i did was krowtanned
it is definately not the tann

the directions need to folled to the t
dont let anyone else do it
i know that is easier said than done
but this stuff is not as user friendly as some suggest

paul e

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