anyone send to moyles for taxidermy tanning recently?

Submitted by trappersteph on 5/23/06 at 1:59 AM. ( )

I am wondering if they got better or if they are still ruining skins. I have a bobcat ( ugly colored VA SOB I got for 20.00), and a really nice coyote I would send if they are doing good work on taxidermy grade furbearers. About 4 years ago I sent them some LS coons and they did a really nice job. But then I read some horror stories on here since then.

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Don't chance it

This response submitted by Steve on 5/23/06 at 8:18 AM. ( )

Don't even take the chance.Take the advice of your fellow taxidermists here,that have had those bad experiences and left the feedback. Go with someone with good feedback such as wildlife gallery. The price to have done will probably be about the same and you know it will be done right.

Have had good luck with Waldun's

This response submitted by Mike on 5/23/06 at 3:35 PM. ( )

He is in S. Carolina I believe and cost just a few dollars more.

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