Novice Needs Tanning Advice

Submitted by Brian on 5/25/06 at 12:27 PM. ( )

I am wanting to tan a beaver hide that a friend of mine harvested from our hunting camp lake. My ultimate objective is to make a black powder possibles bag out of it with the head area as the flap on the bag. I now have the pelt in the freezer. It has been fleshed out. I would like to do the tanning myself and would like some direction on tanning methods,kits, warnings, etc. Any help would be appreciated.


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tanning kit

This response submitted by ej on 5/25/06 at 2:11 PM. ( )

we sell the tanning kit. at ebay item # 8280527687
thank you


This response submitted by Greg Waite on 5/25/06 at 2:53 PM. ( )

I am not trying to bump ej but McKenzie has a kit that I used, it has a video and about all you need. I actually did a beaver with it. You really have to work the hide to get it soft but it came out really well. If you really thin the hide well be careful that you don't punch a hole in it breaking it. Found that out. Hope it helps

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