Multiple capes in pickle?

Submitted by Donnie on 5/28/06 at 9:58 AM. ( )

Can you put more than one cape in an acid pickle? I use saftee acid and the mkenzie tan, p.s. i could'nt find it in the archives.

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This response submitted by ej on 5/28/06 at 10:11 AM. ( . )

5 gal. of pickel i'd say no.
30 gal. of pickle of course you can!


This response submitted by mrdux on 5/28/06 at 3:00 PM. ( )

I would use 5 gallons of solution for the first cape then at least 3 gallons for each additional cape. This works well for me on up to whitetail size capes. Keep a close watch on the ph. I never let a safety acid pickle get above 2.0 ph.

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