Submitted by DEERMEISTER on 5/30/06 at 2:25 PM. ( )

What tannery do you'all recommend for mtn. goats. I want nice and bleached very white. I'm looking for a new tannery for mtn. goat and dall sheep. Thanks very much

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This response submitted by Lane on 5/30/06 at 4:02 PM. ( )

North Texas Tannery in Denton, Texas

western skies

This response submitted by alan on 5/30/06 at 8:29 PM. ( )

The Best.

h&h fur dressing

This response submitted by john on 6/2/06 at 6:27 PM. ( )

h&h in michigan did a nice job on my goats but i don't think they bleach them for you. i sent them two goats and some bears about two months ago to try them out and i got them back already and they are clean and white but still have some yellow to them on the top of the goats backs. not really yellow but a tinge. other than that i like their tan alot so far. i will soak them next week and will see how they stretch.

Mnt Goat Tanning

This response submitted by Bill on 6/5/06 at 3:23 PM. ( )

The last one I had done was at Arlington Cape. When I got it back it was white as it could be and the tan was good too. Give Keith a call.
His number is 419-365-5321

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