Any one using the Para-tan all in one

Submitted by Randall on 7/4/06 at 9:33 AM. ( )

Is any one using the Para-tan and pickle all in one tan? It mixes the pickle,tan and oil all in one batch. I Saw a cape that it was used on at the srtc convention this year and it had great stretch and color to the nose and eyes. Ben Mears uses it and said he loved it. Randall

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para tan

This response submitted by wct on 7/11/06 at 3:38 PM. ( )

I use para tan, and I think the best way to use it is, first flesh, than pickle for 24hr, shave cape/hide, pickle for another 24hrs, than add para tan to pickle leave for 24hrs, add baking soda 1oz per gal of water, leave for 30 min, stirring every 10 min. hang and let drain till it starts to dry out and paint 2 coats of tan oil #1 24 hrs apart. tumble or streach and done.

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