Submitted by P.Lansbury on 7/4/06 at 10:09 AM. ( )

Hi i have a air dried wolf hide i want to do a full mount with, it hasnt been fleshed and is quite fatty any recomendations for the best way or product to use to get a decent mount thanks

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This response submitted by joe on 7/4/06 at 10:51 AM. ( )

good morning happy 4th
to rehydrate that wolf hide use bruce Rittels relax-r us409 is the product number follow directions for mixing put hide in long enough that it is all pliable and flesh all the fat off, either on a beam ,fleshing machine or wire wheel.once that is done salt for at least 48 hours removing first batch after 24 hrs then pickle in your choice of acid , i prefer saftee acid ,but whatever works . then tan it with whatever you like or after salt drying hard send to a tannery.

be patient

This response submitted by phil on 7/4/06 at 10:41 PM. ( )

just finished trapper dried very careful fleshing whether your using a machine or by hand.dried flesh or grease lies very tight to flesh, be careful not to put to many holes in it.if you dont get the dried grease or fat off your pickle wont penetrate and give you the swell your used to may take a couple of fleshings and degreasings.air dried hides may also not give you the stretch your used to either.along with good degreasings also consider using an acid bate along with your pickle.the key is to get through that yellowy orange dried grease and fat to allow your chemicals to do their job.good luck and dont get discouraged.

tan it

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you have to tan it. If you know how to tan , be safe rehydrate it in the pickeling solution first for a couple of days this will help by protecting the skin, then you can degress it.

Not sure call me (705)476-0483 I will walk you through it.


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thanks for the advice guys its been very helpfull

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