tanning oil

Submitted by shawn on 7/6/06 at 6:43 PM. ( )

what kind of tanning does carolina fur dressing use. for deer capes that are wet tanned.

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it's a secret

This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 7/7/06 at 6:31 AM. ( basswtrout@msn.com )

But if you call them they may or may not tell you?

Strange question for a public forum

This response submitted by David Patton on 7/7/06 at 9:50 AM. ( )

Information like that is protected and certainly is not going to make it's way into a public forum like this. There are several suppliers of quality oil listed on this website that should be able to provide you with what you are looking for on your wet tans.

Tanning oil #1

This response submitted by mark on 7/7/06 at 11:11 AM. ( )

You can use Tanning oil #1, its not what Carolina uses and like everyone else said you will never know. But our Tanning oil #1 is a very good oil to use. It stays in the skin good, produces stretch and penetrates great. You can get it at many of Knoblochs dealers or at

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