Can vinegar be added to citric acid?

Submitted by Mr.T on 7/10/06 at 3:06 PM. ( )

Search says nothing of this.
I mixed my last of citric acid today and had just enough for the pickle. I normally add some more the next day to get me through the three days. I ordered more citric acid, but it will not get here in time. Can I add vinegar to the citric acid to get the ph down after it raises a bitt? Paul

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forget it

This response submitted by Mr.T on 7/10/06 at 9:22 PM. ( )

the problem is solved.


This response submitted by Scanman on 7/10/06 at 9:39 PM. ( )

How did you solve the problem? Now that you have us curious. Jeff


This response submitted by Mr.T on 7/10/06 at 11:29 PM. ( )

instead of a 3 day pickle like I wanted to do because of too much on my plate right now, I went ahead and pickled them in the auto tanner, ran out and shaved the two capes, and now they are neutrlizing. Normally I pickle in the tanner, then dump it in a tub let them set another day or two till I can get to them. I'll just stay up and tan them too.
I took a sample of the pickle and checked with paper, then added some vinegar and tested again, no difference that I could tell.
I guess I will go out and buy a load of vinegar and made a pickle for the next capes I have thawing now.

Why citric

This response submitted by Bill @ Hog Heaven on 7/11/06 at 7:03 AM. ( )

What is the advantage over saftee acid? I would think that the sheer volumes of citric & shipping & storage would be a pain. One little gallon of saftee acid makes a lot of pickle. So whats the benefit?

becaus Bill

This response submitted by Mr.T on 7/11/06 at 7:44 AM. ( )

It is what I learned with, and like. Just like my wife, if I find something that works and I like I stick with it. I will upgrade my acid when I upgrade my wife, and that likely will not happen. In addition, I buy in bulk from the chemistry store, $1.40 a pound for a 50# bag + shipping. Last me a long time. I have nothing against safety acid, as I have not tried it yet. If I did the volume of hogs and things that you do Bill, I would not do citric for the reasons you quoted. But I am a small potatoes business right now and am still sticking with what works for me. So that is why.

I hear that Mr. T

This response submitted by Bill@Hog Heaven on 7/11/06 at 3:42 PM. ( )

What ever works!

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