finishing hides for rug and wall hanging?

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after tumbling a hide such as buffalo for a rug or robe the hide side appears to be somewhat "wrinkled".I do not use a medium with buffalo as I have had no sucess getting the medium out of the fur.(I used sawdust once and I mean ONCE).I have a 8 foot tumbler and have tumbled at different times of dryness with the same result.The hides break nice but because of "wrinkled" hide look, the higher edges of the wrinkle takes on a differrent darker color than the lower part of the wrinkle making the hide appear "dirty".I clean and vacuem the tumbler out prior to tumbling the buffalo.I`ve also had this problem with the legs of coyote.My moose and elk capes are tumbled in oak sawdust as (as our my yotes) and they come out with a nice uniform suede like finish.I don`t want to sand or buff the hides if I can avoid it.The taxidermist that I do some of this work for loves the fur side of my work as I`m only doing a few hides at a time so I can devote more time in cleaning and combing out my hides.But if I can`t replicate the hide side like the better tanneries should I pass on robes and rugs and just do mountable hides or is there a solution?Thanks in advance for your response.P.S couldn`t anything in archives.

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sounds like...

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Sounds like you are getting too much oil on the fur side of your hides. Most of the time when I dry tan stuff after the first tumble I only have one or two spots with sawdust. If you don't have a cager I would invest in one as it is infinately more effective than compressed air or brushing. The wrinkled look is probably because the trace amounts of oil in the sawdust are not changing the color of the hide and evening the tones of the leather. If you continue to not use sawdust then to even the color of the leather you will probably have to sand your hides.

Hope this helps answer your questions.

Promise Land Tannery


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This is common with bison. The bison hide needs to be staked for that suede finish. The staker will eliminate the wrinkled look.

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