Learning to tan hides

Submitted by Tara on 7/19/06 at 12:20 AM. ( wildeye@planters.net )

I am new at this taxidermy business. I want to tan my hides for
mounting and rugs. I was wondering as to what is best type of
formulas to use. Your feedback surely will help with me getting
started in it... Thanks

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This response submitted by Hogger on 7/19/06 at 5:21 AM. ( )

There's a ton of information on different tanning methods on the archives (the orange button). The "best" tan is subject to great debate, and has been on this site too many times. Its runs the gauntlet from "take it to a professional tanner" to "just use dry preserve" and every tan method in between. Its your personal preference. I use the McKenzie tan. Pickle, neutralize, brush on the tan. Well that overly simplifies it, but the tan comes with instructions.

dont go any further than krowtann

This response submitted by poster child (terryr) on 7/20/06 at 2:33 AM. ( )

my wife could do it - follow instructions and you are off and running

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