Alligator tannery

Submitted by jared on 7/25/06 at 6:28 PM. ( )

I'm heading out on an alligator hunt the middle of august. The tannerys I use out west here don't have much experience with alligator tanning. any body know a good one I can ship the skin to.
thanks Jared

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This response submitted by oldshaver on 7/25/06 at 6:38 PM. ( )

I would beware of e-mails you get from a tannery or tanner. Alligators are a little bit of a pain to tan. Therefore, a tanner e-mailing you to send them yours, is short on work. Ill let you figure out why they are short on work.


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Look at leather directories online. There are a ton of tanneries too big to advertise on, or look at, Anyone dealing in specialty reptile leathers can do the 'gator in a belly skin or a hornback. If you want it mountable, use a taxidermy tannery.

Taxidermy Specialty Products!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 7/28/06 at 1:30 AM. ( )

Try Taxidermy Specialty Products in Boone IA. They produce a very good Alligator leather - and nice people to deal with. Talk to Tom Eddy at (515) 433-0176.

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