Is salting and drying a must

Submitted by Craig on 7/28/06 at 3:08 PM. ( )

Recently I was told by an old taxidermist friend that he woiuld never salt his capes before pickling and tanning. All he would do is, flesh, pickle, shave, pickle, and tan and he never lost a hide. I tried this on some old deer hides and found they felt the same as any salted hide felt, and it took just as much force to pull the hair out of the hides as the ones that were salted first (I would try to pull out clumps thru out the process). Not been any sort of an expert, I turn to the experienced ones on this. Have any of you worked with this? And what luck or failures did you experience?

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This response submitted by J Randall on 7/28/06 at 8:24 PM. ( )

on your preference and situation. Some people say they would never skip the salting process while others skip it completely and go straight into the pickle or tan. I use krowtann 2000 which does not call for salting or drying the hide as the salt is in the actual tann So In my opinion it's not a must. But I would follow the directions on what ever tanning method you are using. If it calls for you to salt the hide I would not skip it.

Hope this helps you out

It can be done

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Salting is mostly for storage, and shipping, besides removing moisture to retard bacteria growth. Try salting a skin, letting it set for an hour, then flesh. The flesh will firm up, and make fleshing much easier. Sawdust only helps with gripping. With salt, your killing two birds with one stone. Your removing moisture, for easier fleshing, and increasing your fleshing time line. Only do this if the skins are going straight into pickle, or you are going to re-salt and let dry. Since these skins have salt on them, they will not freeze completely, so you shouldnt try to freeze them. Many people swear by not salting, and I cant see how it would hurt, since a pickle is laden with salt. Personally, I would stick with the tried and true. Salt, re-salt, and dry.

no salting

This response submitted by Laurier on 7/29/06 at 8:21 AM. ( )

I do not salt , it goes directly to the tanning with alun in the tanning, the alum will firm up the fat , shave the next day , pickel one more day, ( on average ) neutralize , then tan and finish,
and never lost a skin.


This response submitted by David Patton on 7/29/06 at 9:32 AM. ( )

Check email for tanning question. Thanks!

no salting allowed

This response submitted by terryr on 7/30/06 at 9:39 AM. ( )

i have never salted anything - except my mashed potatoes

I'm with OS

This response submitted by Brad on 7/31/06 at 3:19 PM. ( )

and Bruce Rittel. Salt,resalt,dry.

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