Tanning HELP.

Submitted by Ts on 7/31/06 at 9:54 PM. ( )

Ok which is better krowtann 2000 or McKenzie brush on tan?
Please be honest.
thanks four help.

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i like

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 7/31/06 at 10:48 PM. ( )

Krowtann, Its all personal preference


This response submitted by Bill Richards on 8/1/06 at 7:06 AM. ( huntingfool46@aol.com )

There, it's even, LOL! Actually, I've only used McKensie, and John Rinehart Cream (JRC). I get great results with the McKensie, but like Paul Bunyan says, it's all personal preference.

I vote for ...

This response submitted by buckeyebullet on 8/1/06 at 7:08 AM. ( )

Krowtann. Easy to use. never had any problems.


This response submitted by TS on 8/1/06 at 7:21 PM. ( )

Ok next question ,which would make a better soft tan ?
Thanks for your help.

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