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Submitted by Fred on 8/3/99. ( fdavis@chickasaw.com )

Does anyone know and have an address and phone # and hopefully email address's of any fur dressing tanneries in Texas? If so would you please email it to me at fdavis@chickasaw.com Thanks a bunch! Fred

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This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 8/3/99. ( )

Fred, look under tanners on this site with the suppliers, I think there's some Texas ones there.

South Texas Fur Dressers

This response submitted by Bill on 8/3/99. ( bdallam@revnetx.net )

Tom Peiwitz (sp?) at South texas Fur Dressers is a well established
operation in Texas. I don't have his address or phone number handy,
but I'll try to remember to get it off the roladex at the office tomorrow.
Moosehead Tanners


This response submitted by Mark on 8/4/99. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

Call Tom at 512-578-8154 and fax is 512-578-3037.

Advantage Fur Dressers

This response submitted by Bud on 10/4/99. ( )

You can try Advantage Fur Dressers on Kansas Str. in Houston and I believe there is one in Kerville. Perhaps someone out there knows this one?

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