Dakota IV flesher

Submitted by joe birchler on 8/3/99. ( birchler@psci.net )

I am considering buying the Dakota IV and would like to here pro's and con's on this machine. I only mount about 15-20 deer a year and curantly use the mini flesher.

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Maybe a big flesher would be better.

This response submitted by Kenneth on 8/3/99. ( bauman@caddoelectric.net )

If I am not mistaken, the Dakota IV in a small detail flesher for tight areas on the face or small mammals. If you are thinking of buying a fleshing machine, I would suggest the Dakota III. It is a full size flesher capable of doing nearly everything. I think you would be limiting yourself with the IV. I think it is intend for someone who has a big flesher and needs a smaller blade for detail work. I only suggested the III because you were looking at a Dakota. There are many big flesher that work great, check around. Call Van Dykes and asked to talk to Bob, he can tell you all you wish to know about both. I personally have both a Dakota III and a mini-flesher. For what you are doing the mini-flesher is completely functional. I still like mine, many guys don't care for the mini-flesher because they never learn how to use one properly. Good luck and hopefully you will get more input from others on the forum.

Ken's Right

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 8/4/99. ( arlcape@bright.net )

I lean on a round knife practically everyday, and don't understand the need for a "detail" shaver at all. There's nothing you can do on a small blade that you can't do on a big blade. The only thing the small machine has over the big one is price. There are many machines on the market, some good, some junk. Check into them and talk to as many people as you can, it's a pretty big investment.

I'd try Keiths machine.

This response submitted by Bill Dallam on 8/4/99. ( )

Keith's too polite to push his own stuff on this forum, but
if I was buying a new round knife I'd look closely at the
one he's building.

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