Recipe for Rehydrating

Submitted by Rob on 8/10/99. ( )

I'am new at rehydrating a lutan f . I was told to use 1lb of
salt to a gallon of warm water , a pinch of baking soda and
a couple of drops of dish detergent . And to soak as long as
I want . From what I've read in the past other forum ,this
does not match up.Can anyone tell me what they think about this
recipe ,or what they suggest Any kind of help would be great
thanks alot Rob

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This response submitted by Mark on 8/10/99. ( )

This is close, What I will always do is one handful of salt
to each gallon of water, then I will add 1-2oz of RELAX R
to 5 gallons of water. You May also add 1\8oz of BASACRYL NBKY
to each gallon of water.Good luck Mark

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