Fleshing Machine - Can you make one?

Submitted by Steve on 8/8/99. ( slwallace@airnet.net )

I am fairly new to the art of taxidermy. I attended my first
taxidermist competion in June and learned several things. I
am like several in this business (limited budget )that are
looking for ways to do good work and not tie up a lot of money
on a fleshing machine. I looked at several at the convention
and have seen several in catalogs. My question is this, if
you had a bench grinder motor can you buy a blade and make an
adapter to hold it on. I realize you need to build a guard
around the blade to protect yourself. If any one has ever
done this please provide feedback. I have thought about the
mini flesher because of price but would also like feedback on
this compared to a portable bench top type. I learned at the
competion that shaving would give me more stretch and a better
tan on my hides.

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No Bench grinder

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 8/9/99. ( arlcape@bright.net )

Steve, a bench grinder will turn the blade awfully fast, if it's a 3450 grinder it's WAY to fast. You'll also need a sealed motor to prevent corrosion when you're right on top of it like that. You can get motors that are slower speed if you want to do a direct bolt up, I'd shoot for more like 1200 rpm. If you do decide to invest in a machine already made, talk to people who use them regularly, and don't let price be the only factor in your decision.


This response submitted by Duane on 8/10/99. ( )

I went to the hardware store, bought a motor,bought a blade and guards through a supply company, had a friend weld up a shroud,rigged up an adapter for the arbor on the motor. The blade shakes something fierce,and I do'nt think it's the safest tool I've ever seen. I'm not saying it can't be done, but now when I buy a comercialy built shaver I will already have 200.00 into it.

build your own?

This response submitted by carl on 8/14/99. ( spinneyc@klis.com )

well ,,, a few years ago I did build my own flesher.
I had a 1/2 hp motor with variable pulley, I bought the blade from a taxidermy supply company. then I enlisted a buddy who is a welder/machinist to build the housing, I used a shaft with two bearings to make it solid and steady. the machine works fine but if I were doing it again I would buy one premade. my machine ended up costing me $200 with the blade and that included a lot of free labour from my friend.
I think sometimes we shudder at the price not realizing how much it will pay for itself down the line. From the prices I see here on the forum you would be much better off to pick up a second hand machine if you cannot afford a new one.
Have a great day!

Mine seems to work.

This response submitted by Steve on 8/30/99. ( )

I recently built a flesher that seems to be working okay. There are probably some things wrong with it since I am new to thinning hides. I started out using a mini flesher but it wasn't heavy duty enough for beaver etc. I bought a blade from Van Dykes and had a machinist build a thingamajig to fasten the blade to. A shaft threads through this, and it spins without vibrating. All this fits within a housing with some guards on it. If you are handy you might give this a try. The reason I built mine was because they are over-priced.

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