Submitted by TODD on 8/12/99. ( )

I am looking for the best method for degreassing and either
tanning or using dry presserve for a full body turkey mount.
Cost of the method dosent matter, i just would like to
know the best method to ensure that the mount last a long time.

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This response submitted by Donho on 8/14/99. ( )

Skin and wire wheel the bird to remove excess fat and then wash.
Drain skin. Liquid cure would tan the skin from WASCO or any other company that carries that product. Todd also before tanning you should degrease the skin in any of the degreasing products such as Kemal 4 or any of the many degreasing products on the market.I dont use any of the solvents or fuel products to degrease,my heath is more important to me . To dry the skin before mounting I use puffed borax to dry the feathers and excess water on the skin. Todd also use a dust mask when using puffed borax to dry with your nose hairs won't catch it all. Good luck with your turkey they are fun and challenging


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