Sturgeon skin for bow backing-how to tan?

Submitted by Mike on 8/14/99. ( )

At a deer show, I saw a primitive flat bow which was backed with the skin off of a sturgeon fish. ("Backed" is where the skin is glued to the bow limbs for added strength and beauty.) It was very impressive, and I would like to try this. This procedure is often done with snake skins which, I have read, are best when air dried. I guess it has something to do with more complete adhesion of the skin to the bow. My question is where can I find instructions on preparing the fish skin in a similar manner? Or if this isn't practical with fish skin, what other method would be? I have some tanning experience with deer hides using at home kits, but could use some direction concerning fish skin, as with that I have no experience. Thanks for any replies.


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bow backing

This response submitted by Mark on 8/15/99. ( )

You might want to ask Bruce Rittel. He has a tanning suppply company and could probably steer you in the right direction on the subject. Good luck, Mark His e-mail address is

Thanks Mark

This response submitted by Mike on 8/16/99. ( )

Thanks Mark, I send him an email on the subject.

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