Velvet antlers?

Submitted by Sean on 8/17/99. ( )

Just curious about different ways people are using to keep velvet on antlers. I have used the spray on type and the submersible type but the results are just not exactly what I am looking for. So any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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This response submitted by MARK on 8/17/99. ( )

You can use ANTLER IN VELVET TAN, you may take it with you
and apply it in the field once you have harvested the game
with the velvet on. Simply inject it into the veins and
under the velvet after you poke a hole in the tip, flush this
through and try to get the blood out, then paint a good
coating on the outside and let dry. If you would like more
info please contact me or my dealers and we will be glad to
help. Mark

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